maandag 18 mei 2009



I went with school to Sweden on 11 May. Saturday 16 May i came back. It was so much fun!
We went to The Paradisa Skola in Trolhattan and we learned about the Swedish culture. We talked to Swedish students and eat in the school. That was so different than de school in the Netherlands. Also we were shopping at Göteborg and Överby.
Here are my new stuff that i bought in Sweden.

A fringed black dress from Vero Moda in Överby.
I thought it was very cute.
I should make a picture on lately.

This is my new skirt from Zara in Sweden. It is jeans.
The assecoires is from my mother, i found it in her closet.

So i go to bed now, i'm very tired of the week in Sweden. Tomorrow i have school so i must get some sleep. I hope you like the start of my blog and i let you know more soon.
Sleep well.

Begin of my blog

Hello everybody.
I came with the idea to start a blog today. So many people are on blogspot, and i always looked around. But now i want also a blog. So i can share my style and my new clothes.
I'm also at girlscene: nananatalja.
My name is Natalja and i'm 15 years old. I live in the Netherlands.
Hope i see you again!